Make-up Plus

Make-up Plus New

With VITIS VINIFERA Buds organic extract


We have imagined a new line of excellent Make-up with the addition of Vitis vinifera bud extract, which thanks to its nourishing, revitalizing and stimulating properties on the hair bulb, introduces a new concept: Make-up Plus.

How was Make-up Plus born?

Our eyes play a fundamental role in the recognition of the face and have the important task of highlighting emotions and moods, they are able to laugh, cry, seduce, excite, to transmit our deepest feelings to those in front of us. Eyelashes are the “frame” of our eyes, cared for and well made up, they enhance our gaze making it deeper and more captivating.
Careless aesthetic treatments and poor quality products could damage the structure of the hair bulbs, speeding up the aging and falling process.

To avoid this problem, we have imagined a new line of excellent Make-up with the addition of Vitis vinifera bud extract, which thanks to its nourishing, revitalizing and stimulating properties on the hair bulb, introduces a new concept: Make-up Plus.

Make-up Plus will make your daily make-up routine #practical and #healthy

With Gloria Mascara you can make up and at the same time nourish and strengthen your lashes, for a result that will truly leave you speechless!

Choose between Gloria EXTRA VOLUME e Gloria EXTRA LENGTH and you too enter the new dimension of Make-up Plus.