Purifying Shampoo

with thyme extract and green tea

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Dandruff is linked to excessive daily flaking, causing itching and small white flakes of cells deaths that are deposited on the roots of the hair. This shampoo helps counteract dandruff by purifying and maintaining the natural hydration level of the scalp thanks to a specific ingredient, Piroctone Olamine.

Formula Brevettata
Patented formula with Vitis Vinifera bud extract
Prodotto Cruelty Free
Dermatologically tested and Cruelty Free
Prodotto 100% Naturale, 0% di ormoni
100% Natural Product, 0% hormones
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Italy, 24/48 hours
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BIOLOGICAL EXTRACT OF THYME: purifies the scalp.
PIROCTONE OLAMINA: anti-dandruff, regulating sebum, antioxidant, mild antiseptic properties.
CAJEPUT ESSENTIAL OIL: purifying. The various uses and numerous beneficial properties allow it to be used as a substitute of the best known Tea Tree essential oil, compared to which it has a less penetrating scent. It comes for this reason also often called white tea tree.
ESSENTIAL OIL OF TEA TREE: purifying, refreshing.
POLYGLUTAMIC ACID: prolonged hydration.
TAURINE: adjuvant in strengthening and stimulating hair growth. It performs the function called “anti-fall”, because it accumulates on the bulb and gives the hair resistance, making it healthy. So it counteracts its fall. Then, it fights nitrous oxide, which is responsible for cell damage, and the effect of free radicals.


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