Vitis Vinifera

From our research laboratories comes a line of high quality natural cosmetics, effective and with beneficial effects visible from the first applications.
Thanks to the stimulating and protective action of Vitis Vinifera, all the products of the KLORI line are synonymous with quality, safety and efficacy.

All formulations are rich in plant extracts from medicinal plants, collected during their “balsamic period“.
Guaranteeing high efficacy and at the same time safety for those who use it.

The KLORI line consists of products specifically designed for the care and beauty of hair and eyes.

All our products are rich in highly concentrated vegetal acts and are highly functional, therefore capable of guaranteeing tangible results from the first weeks of application.

What makes the KLORI line unique in the world is the extract of the Vitis vinifera buds.

This unique extract has three key actions:

It stimulates the regrowth of the hair in the areas where it does not grow

Increases the speed of hair growth (hair, eyelashes and eyebrows lengthen faster)

It increases the diameter of the hairs present making them stronger and denser.

Surely this represents our most important discovery in the scientific field, for which we have also been awarded an international patent.


Only KLORI products contain Vitis vinifera extract and this makes us unique in the world and positions us among the most functional products currently on the market.